Pop-up, Play And Fold Away!

Durable and rigid 

Made of reinforced cardboard with STRONGFOLD™ Technologies, Can support more than 50 kg and over 1000 hours of play

Opens/folds in 20 seconds

Open and fold to a thickness of 5 cm in seconds (without any assembly)

Easy to Store 

Can be stored anywhere (behind cabinet or sofa, etc.)

Easy to carry

Can be taken anywhere (grandparents, friends)

Easy to clean

It has a protective coating, Clean with wipes or damp cloth


Made of recycled cardboard and can be fully recycled


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  • Specifications

    Ages- 2–7 

    Weight- 9lb

    12*29*27 inches (open) 

    20*34*3 inches (folded) 

    Developmental Benefits

    The kitchen demonstrates the primary need for nutrition and caring, allowing kids to role-play their grown-up counterparts. In addition, it allows them to develop their symbolic play skills and creativity, in every situation they can dream of.