Grow with the love for cooking, Little chefs playsets


The kitchen demonstrates the primary need for nutrition and caring, allowing kids to role-play their grown-up counterparts. In addition, it allows them to develop their symbolic play skills and creativity in every situation they can dream up.



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  • The Popin play kitchen is made of
    durable reinforced cardboard
    with protective coating!

    Ages- 2–8  
    Weight- 6lb  
    Folding time- 20 seconds
    Dimensions- 12*44*27 inches (open)
    29*29*3 inches (folded)

  • Playing with kitchenware and the different moving parts of the kitchen like doors, shelves, the oven, and the sink, stimulates your child’s sense of exploration as well as fine motor skills, supporting the movements of the wrists, hands, and fingers in a manner that’s suited for preschool children.

Order by Dec 11 to get it for Xmas


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