Discover new worlds with The Popin Pirate Ship Activity Table


The Popin Ship has two seats, so when the child is

ready, he can invite a friend to hop on!

It’s always important to create a communication

spark, and sailing together on the Popin Ship can be a

nice opportunity for a beautiful connection to

take place.


Pirate-Ship Activity Table

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  • The Popin table is made of reinforced cardboard with STRONGFOLD™ Technologies and also has a protective coating!


    Ages- 2–8 
    Weight- 6lb
    Folding time- 20 seconds
    Dimensions- 46*19*19 inches (open)
    34*20*2.5 inches (folded)

  • We all need a personal, quiet place where we can spend quality time with ourselves. The Popin Table gives your child just that: an organized working space that helps your child to focus and relax, encouraging development of self-regulation skills.

Pop-up, Play And Fold Away!


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