A livable unbelievable Mushroom Playhouse

A pivotal part of growing up is the development control over my own actions. by building a house inside the house, the child can create an area for himself where he is in charge. this autonomy enables the child to build his own self worth in a constructive and fun manner.

Mushroom Playhouse

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  • The Popin mushroom playhouse is made of reinforced cardboard with STRONGFOLD™ Technologies and also has a protective coating!


    Ages- 2–8 
    Weight- 6lb
    Folding time- 20 seconds
    Dimensions- 36*36*38 inches (open) 
    23*34*3 inches (folded) 

  • By building the house together with your child, you allow him to explore shapes and architecture in different spaces around him. A variety of cognitive abilities develop from engaging in an activity which allows a young child to build a house from what was a flat piece of cardboard.

Pop-up, Play And Fold Away!


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