Toddlers Make Their First Moves and Develops Gross Motors skills  


Popin’s car stimulates the child’s sense of exploration and motor skills, supporting all movement—from crawling and climbing to standing, from first steps and beyond


First Step Car

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  • The Popin car is made of reinforced cardboard with STRONGFOLD™
    Technologies and also has a protective coating!


    Ages- 1–3
    Weight- 6lb
    Folding time- 20 seconds
    Dimensions- 19*32*23 inches (open) 
    25*32*1.5 inches (folded)

  • Children learn through imitation. That’s why we’re delivering a car, an object that belongs to the adult world, in child-size. The Popin Car allows kids to role-play their grownup counterparts in whatever situation they dream up.

Pop-up, Play And Fold Away!


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