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Reinforced cardboard with StrongFold™ Technologies, the table holds up to 110lbs!

Each POPIN Toy is designed with our innovative StrongFold™ technology. We used unique and cutting-edge folding methods based on traditional origami and pop-up artwork to produce high-quality, stable and durable folding playgrounds. 

Safety First!

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Our Cardboard

Our toys are made of our proprietary double flute, reinforced high-quality corrugated cardboard which is 4 times stronger than the standard (7).gif (8).gif
And It has a protective coating that can be cleaned easily!

Opens/folds in  20 sec!

Popin portable slide


Popin toys are Sustainable, made only from recycled cardboard. Popin vision is  a whole new, unpolluting, eco-friendly Toys market!


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