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When should I expect to get my foldable playground?

Popin Playsets shipping takes 1-2 weeks.


How much do Popin toys weigh?

Only 2–3 kg/ 4–6lbs (depending on the toy). Part of our commitment to Popin toys’ portable and storable products is the lightweight design.


How big are your products when opened?

Every playset has a different size when opened; see the product page.


Is the set up complicated?

No! Our foldable designs can be set up in just seconds and require no assembly, turning any room into a playground.


Where can I store a Popin toy?

Behind couches, underneath sofas, and any other narrow space. All are products can be folded into easy-to-store units that can fit pretty much everywhere.


How durable are your products?

Popin products can support up to 50kg/110 pounds of weight and 1,000 hours of play. Our StrongFold™ folding system makes sure of that.


$50 for a cardboard box?

A cardboard box that can get these kids to climb and hustle and jump on it for hours:)

Is it strong? it looks like my kids will destroy it within seconds.

No way they will. We’ve got this really cool origami-based technology that makes it super strong.


Would you also recommend this for eating and drinking?

We would recommend eating for sure! It has a protective coating that can be cleaned easily, though we recommend drinking only from spill-proof cups.


What are they made of?

Our toys are made of our proprietary double flute, reinforced corrugated cardboard. Basically, our toys are super-strong. They're also incredibly durable and can support up to 110lbs (50kg).


Where do you ship?

The USA only


What is the age range POPIN™ Playsets are suitable for?

The Mushroom, Kitchen, and Pirate Table playsets are perfect for ages 2–8, whereas the car is intended for toddlers’ first steps, ages 1–3.


What happens if a cup spills on it?

It has a protective coating. If you wipe it up, quickly nothing will happen.


I get that these are durable, but how long are you expecting them to last?

We offer a one-year warranty for all our toys, though they are built to last much longer than that under normal use.


Is there any waterproof protection for these toys?

The toys have dampness protection, and their surfaces can be cleaned with a wet towel without concern. Nevertheless, they are made for an indoor and dry environments and shouldn't get wet.

Can I use playsets outdoor?

No. The toys are not intended for outdoor use.


How long overall are the toys expected to last?

With proper care the toys will last many years, they are very durable.

How to Pop-up a Popin toy?

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